This Purely Insane At This Point…Good Job Cel [More TraxXx=226]

A little while ago we released the tracklisting for Cel’s upcoming 100+ track album of epicness.

Well…guess what?

More songs have been added to the tracklist!

There is a reason for this list though, since Cel’s plan is to push this album to he entire internet he’s addind a few of his favorite releases from the albums that have dropped this 2012 year. So for newer fans in mind, he’ll be adding his favorite tracks from this year to catch up with the noobs. So the album is officially over 200 songs. This is crazy, here’s the list with abbreviations of the albums they have come from:

Persona 6

Deep Shit
Peanut Butter Gundam
The Dope Show
Feline Nest
The Impossible
skate Menatlity

12 Hallucinations
Shitty Song


Pants On The Ground
His Return
Keep Pushing Nigga
Fuck The Hood
Action Bastard
To Hatred
WL 25
Dog Fucker


Phat Cat Raps
Handful Of Peter
Boys Like Me Pt. 1
Boys Like Me Pt. 2
Chuckin’ Turds Pt 3
The Mating Song

Charlie Sheen Status
DeAngilo Willis Pt 2
Satany Pt 6
Tiger Shark

Fist Up Fist Down
Big Foot
Mojo Jojo
Tiger Shark Inverted AKA Pt. 2
Tiger Shark (Star Style)
Six Sick Shits
Whore Of Babylon
Leviathan Scales
Sweet Pink Velvet

Percolated Immigrant Song
New Born
Ollie Shit
Jet Grind Radio Headphones
A Little Bit More
MC (Metal Coat)
Tangy Charr Satin

Tyranosaurusrex In Paris
Arabian Honey
A Lot Of Nothing
Arcadian Pirate Pt. 3
Professional Murder Music
Sex With Death
Mind Blown
My Notes Is Explosive
Smooth Panther
[Inerlude] Notes From Momo Kazumaru
Come Get Some
New Age Funk
Kyobito Pt. 5
Kyobito Pt. 5.5
Hypothesis Aspestis
[Interlude] Yeah Yeah Yeah
Drunkk Beat With Drunk Lyrics
Princess Assface
Back To The BasixXx

Vertical Smiles (Blewprints)


Ressurect Cobain


Sticky Oz

Trayvon Martin

5$ D!&@ Advertisement

iScream Pornography

Credit Roll

Go Fuck Yourself

Tiger Shark Pt. 3

Gas Station Folk


With these songs added, the total count of tracks, not including any he has written recently that may get added, is: 226

– Murdoc

Vertical Smiles: Cumpleted Tracklist (123 Track Album)

Peanut Butter Mech Presents…Vertical Smiles: The Soundtrack To Earth’s Demise-armageddon (Cumplete) Playlist+Explinations

More Maybe Added/TBD


Source: &


1. Intro (WTF)

2. The Best Liar (Dramatic Intro)

3. Appeal To (Freedom)

4. Boogie Man (Mud & Blood)

5. Degenerate (Boogie Down)

6. The Funky Homosapien (Cel-Man Iller Pt. 3)

7. Get Psycho (Buzz Kill)

8. Psychiatric Pills On My Dumbass (Fountain Of Youth)

9. Nast E (Maggots Of Horrorcore)

10. Terra Dues Mors Amor (Busdriver)

11. Ultra Pee Pee In My Sippy Cup GO! (Steel Reserve 2-11)

12. 4 Horseman (Pony Rider)

13. Intermission 1 (THUNDERSTORM BITCH!)

14. The Loser

15. How To Sell Your Being

16. Killer

17. Intermission 2 (BITCH!)

18. Revolutionistickman (Industrious)

19. Birth Charts Of The Intellectual Indigo Child (Map Out Your Psychy)

20. La La Land

21. Protagonist (Main Character Of Life)

22. killinatGodamfuckinkat

23. Smiles (Within 60 Seconds)

24. The Gnome (Porcelain Epidermis)

25. Mind+Body+Soul (Part 2)

26. Intermission 3 (Cel-Man Bleu Shampoo)

27. Commercial 1 (Billy Mays’ 500 Cent Adoption Agency For The HIV Cure)

28. Intermission 4 (2012 Death List)

29. Massacre In Theater 9 (James Holmes)

30. Delusional Structure

31. Lavish 24

32. Rage (Candle Lights)

33. Commercial 2 (Wrist Control)

34. Intermission 5 (O.C.D)

35. Music Video (Emo’ Are Failed Gothic Attemps)

36. Empty Dreams (Death Doesn’t Exist)

37. Ghetto Booty

38. Isn’t What I Rap About

39. This

40. Game

41. Do Re Mi (Kurt Cobain Ode)

42. Detroit Blackouts

43. Intermission 6 (Propaganda Epidemic)

44. DosePainKilla Triangles

45. Vertical Smiles (Cumpleted)

46. Commercial 3 (College Guy)

47. Puppet (My Origin)

48. Squidbillies

49. Between The Lines

50. Sol Califa

51. Deja Vu

52. Haiku’s No Poem

53. Intermission 7 (DooDoo Face #4)

54.You Smell Like The Night Time

55. Noir Leather

56. Beat Your Girlfriend

57. Kick Ass Middle School Condoms

58. Herps

59. Intermission 8 (Waiting On The Cops To Come)

60. That Youtube Shit

61. Scentless Apprentice

62. Tiger Shark Pt. 4 (Nutty As Squirrel Puke)

63. Cel-Man Killer (Fuck Cel-Man)

64. I Am Other

65. Bedroom Crucifixian

66. Moments Before Time And Space

67. Your My Slut

68. Intermission 9 (FUCK Movie)

69. Austin Powers (Double Penetration Midget Squirt Creampie Huge Cock Rip Extreme Orgasm)

70. Venture Capitalist

71. Dream Woman

72. The Flesh Of Fallen Angels

73. Intermission 10 (Drake’s Owl Is Of Jewish Descent)

74. Wachu Talmbout

75. Spam Files Folder

76. Amityville Horrorcore Freakstyle

77. We Can’t Afford It (Life)

78. Gucci Gucci Remix Ft, DeadMan

79. Chronic Masturbation Addiction

80. Bitch (Concubine Harlot Hussy Fluzy Skank Hoochie Slut Cunt Tool)

81. Intermission 11 (The Detroit Kickflip Variation Attempt…and My Favorite Arm)

82. Rich As Karren O

83. Ignore This

84. Groovy!

85. Greener Grass Emerald

86. The Break Up

87. $1 Suicide Booth

88. Intermission 12 (Kit Kat)

89. Fire Breather

90. Transvestite Donkey Witch

91. Duke and Quasimoto

92. Intermission 13 (Battle Cry)

93. Lena Is A Whore (Memo’s For Will Coolest)

94. Betty Ford Asylum, I Mean Clinic

95. Peanut Butter Mech & Tha Herban Lyf Project

96. Guns, Needles, Grafitti Ft, 13 & Flame The Poet

97. High As God

98. Male Stiletto

99. Intermission 14 (Momo Kazumaru Is My Cat…My one Eyed Pirate Cat…That I Love More Than You)

100. Seedlings And Minions

101. Intermission (Hate Letter)

102. Get High On Benadryl And Listen To Me Speak Over These Speaker Beats

103. Russian Oven

104. Oh Well Well (Yeah Yeah Yeah, Take 2, ACTION)

105. Lounge Act 4

106. Yeah Nigga

107. Lady Must Die!

108. It’s Time

109. The Epic Role Play

110. Stewie & Brian Griffin Ft, DasMuku Labs (Next Episode)

111. Hip, No Ties

112. Proper Props

113. WayO

114. The End

115. Hell Hooker

116. Intermission 15 (America & The Beast)

117. Neo Death Nympho

118. Remorseless Immorality

119. WHAT?!

120. Da Dada Daa

121. I’m A Ho

122. The Tangent Black

123. Outro


Will Update With Eplinations of Some Of The Songs In A minute…I’m Drunk, High, and Have To Piss Like A Race Camel…toe? o_X


– Cel-Man Iller, Tha Immortal

Cel-Man Iller On iBlackGuy Radio

We got a call last night from iBlackGuy Radio, the radio station that bumped S. Browns new single to the public, it was a weird experience but fun all the same, peep the song and “interview”:


I got asked if I’ld have sex with conjoined twins…lol

-Cel-Man Iller

[UPDATE] Single Release For (Cumplete) Music Video

Music Video Release

From the upcoming (Cumplete) Album…TBA


[UPDATE: Following the nature of Cel…of course…the video got banned from YouTube… Since then we’ve reuploaded it and also have a Vimeo link for back up. Enjoy]


Old Setlist and Discography

Hey everyone, this is update 4.2-187 Ver. 7.

Wanted to remind everyone of the Discography section of the site. Haven’t gotten a chance to check out the statistics for downloads and the buzz going around the net on the old vibes of PBMHLP. All the albums are FREE for download and will always be.

External Link:

Hot Albums From The Past Few Years Available For Download In The Discog Section In Order Of Dopeness And Downloads:

Light Of The Darkness: Six Sick Shits (Horrorcore album by Little Boy Satan)

Light Of The Darkness
(Alternative Underound Hip-Hop Album by Cel-Man Iller)

Red Version
(Alternative Underground Hip-Hop Album By PBMHLP)

SKULL Version
Alternative Underground Album by PBMHLP)

Lethal Injection
(Hip-Hop Album By Sandy Baby Aye!)

The”Herban Lyf Project” has been going through some renovations and reconstruction so more art will be available to the public eye soon.
Works by:
Mika Kurai
DasMuku Labs
MItsurugi Kazumaru
And more…!


Interview: Cel-Man-Iller with Beats and Sneakers

(Interviewed on 11/17/2011 with Beats and Sneakers:

Introducing Peanut Butter Mech (PBM)



Peanut Butter Mech are an underground art movement that will soon be hard to ignore, we caught up with DeAngilo Willis to talk about the project, Check it out and expect BIG things

What is Peanut Butter Mech?

PBM is the urban Gorillaz of the late 2000 decade. PBM is more than a music group, we are a skate team, an art distribution facility, modeling agency, film production group, poets, cloth designers, tattoo artist, we are underground and last but not least smokers.
Peanut Butter Mech & The Herban Lyf Project is a collabrative piece of work through many area’s of media. Using a bunch of friends talents who have a passion for what they do, I use them to promote PBM while letting them have complete creative control through film, modeling, art, and etc. PBM is an outlet for emotion and creativity…art as a whole…and love. I can’t express how much PBM has changed lives for the people within it. We are always looking for members to add to our roster. So by all means please find us and contact us if you want to make a dream come true.
How many people role in PBM?

XD At the current moment? Wow…that’s like asking how many children does my father have out of whitlock lmfao (which is close to 75 now.) We currently have about close to 30 members. There is Cel-Man Iller/Little Boy Satan/Zakum 41, Company Hen, DasMuku, VanaQulor, Summa Jones Tha God, Koori Tha Arctic Poet, Gummie Zombiii, DAWRKNESS, M.A.D Smilez, Fury, Christan Staxx, S. Brown, Electrik Panda, Sounds Of Santino, AlWizzleTV, Chiyo-Chan, Chris Coward, DAME FUKN’ REN, Rin Price, iMMORTAL (factory), Moy Beats, ROZEAUDIO, KidCrisis Beats, Emanual Jackson, Wes Johnson, Sandy Baby Aye, RockThatNew, Kayla Burson, Wolfie Bane, and there are more lol. Some doing music production, some vocals, some visual artists, some skateboard but they all do their part.

Who and what, would you say inspires the PBM movement?

Firstly only PBM can influence PBM mainly but there are some outside sources that influence PBM and those that do have to be AWESOME!

Though I can’t speak on everyone else in PBM but since I made PBM I would say the first 3 artist that influence PBM is Del The Funky Homosapien, (who I really want to do a song with cause he’s the dopest EVER!) Eminem, then Pharrell Williams, after him it’s every Stones Throw Records artist. P.S Lupe Fiasco, Gundam, really good RPG’s, Travis Touchdown, and Portishead!

Who is/are your all time favourite artist(s) ?

All due respect to my name, Del The Funky Homosapien is the dopest nigga ever. His word play is beyond immaculate.

Pharrell Williams after that, he and N.E.R.D had a major part in my teenage years.
Kurt Cobain is a musical genius, every song  that hit the radio and even the songs that didn’t always felt so familiar with ever line, score and lyric. It just hit home. (I will be the next Kurt Cobain…>_>)
Do you have any difficulties working in such a big crew? What are the advantages to having a large crew?

There are many difficulties but it’s nothing I’m willing to go through for my passion and to help make a living for my friends and those who have a passion for the arts. I mean though I am only 22 I understand that being a man means doing a bunch of things you don’t want to and going through things that aren’t going to be easy. Besides I live in Detroit, nothing is easy here XD

None the less, I love these guys, from our manager that is always working hard on our website and doing almost everything technical to just those who make album art and that’s all.
Where can we find your music?

I would go ahead and name all the sites but I’ll just leave you guys links:

(Honestly Google is your best friend for the question.)

In your PBM cheat sheet video it’s said ”peanut butter mech is what odd future is gonna wish it could be” what are your thought on odd future, their success, and also what influence have they had your both your and your crew’s work?

First off Summa Jones Tha God is the person you heard saying that in the video and we all have our mixed views on OF. Me personally I love OF’s music…except BASTARD. That shit was a mainstream sell out album to me. I think Tyler could have done better, I as well as the rest of OFT could probably say the same thing, but none the less I believe they are awesome and FREE MY NIGGA EARL! My thoughts on OF is mixed, I mean I love their music like I’ve said but at the same time I hate that this crew got recognized for almost the same shit that PBM has been for a longer duration of time. To my understanding OF has been trying to get founded for 4 to 5 years now which they have accomplished and is great. At the same time I, myself and PBG (back in the day wasn’t PBM) has been trying to get founded for 6 years but I can’t blame them for whatever marketing scheme’s they had. THe kids have talent and it should be recognized. As far as influences go I wouldn’t say they have that much, on Light Of The Darkness mixtape earlier this year I did some production work with Earl Sweatshirt’s “Kill People, Burn Shit, Fuck School” for my Satany VI song and VanaQulor made a song called Tod, The Dismantler, I’ld say that’s about as far as the influences go, I mean, Satany VI was on the first album I made this year and I’ve made 3 in total this year, and V-Nac’s Tod song was on my second album so there hasn’t been much influence. Though listening to them say they don’t make Horrorcore made me want to get back on my horrorcore tip which I did with Light Of The Darkness: Six Sick Shits and well that’s over and done now.

Lastly what are you wearing and what’s the last song you listened to?
Only what represents me lol, I’m rocking this black Tripp jacket, black fitted button up, black straight jeans by Express the summer catalog with a hole by my ass crack…but I can still pull it off cause I’m that awesome, and some black zip up boots I got from the middle east, I can’t even read the name lol but think of Murdoc from the Gorillaz and you’ll understand or think of Lupin The Third and you may get an idea.
I’m currently listening to my latest mixtape “0-282702-9” doing some last minute listening cause today is the release date for it, with you can find here:, it’ll be on the website and bandcamp soon.
~Peace, Love, and the Arts…
I’ve asked the fans what songs they want to see promoted and here is the list so far which I will link the songs/albums:
Come Get Some

New Age Funk

Smooth Panther
Unanimous Decision
Kyobito Pt. 5.5
Princess AssFace
Tiger Shark
(Charlie Sheen Status is on iTunes so you can find the link there as well)
Charlie Sheen Status
ThanxXx you guys for the support and love. Please stay tuned for the uprise.