Weekend Endaevours & Current Work


So over the course of this past weekend I’ve busted my leg, did this 
opera/gospel gig for a fellow up coming local act and we have made plans 
of future works.
I’ve just about wrapped up the 2013, Zakum 41, Her New… beat tape. It’s 
all of 26 traxXx at the current moment. As far as any Cel-Man Iller stuff, 
I’ve got a project presskit assembly with co-hosting artist from various media 
So far, 8 songs have been recorded including a song by Koori The Arctic Poet 
and plans for further collabs.
If any artistic fans would like to contribute a piece, please verify so via 
email; this includes and is not limited to performing and non-performing arts 
such as; dance, sketches, skateboarding, poetry, film, photagraphy, etc.
The album has been leaked but it is appreciated if it isn’t circulating until 
it’s official feature release on our http://www.peanutbuttermech.co.nr 
and http://www.cel-maniller.bandcamp.com websites. 
Though the beat tape will be released via torrent as well as on media fire and datpiff before the album.



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