Up & Running With Upgrades

Just stopping by to inform the fans and the people that “Vertical Smiles: The Retail Edition (CUMPLETE)” is going to be hitting iTunes, Amazon and a few other distributors in a few hours. Also the Retail version will have different cover art than the original and as an alternative you get the original art work as well.
In second motion, I would like to ask if people could wish my team and I luck and keep us in your prayers. We are enlisting in a chance to be on the SXSW Compilation album which is a very big step for us if we succeed, which I believe we will!
Third, we are uploading the Vertical Smiles (CUMPLETE) original album on Mixtape Monkey pretty soon which will get us some spot light treatment, which will be awesome for us all and would help s out a lot.
4th, informing all who have downloaded the album already from our BandCamp site that the retail edition has different songs and has a different track listing opposed to it’s predecessor!

Thank you for all your support and we will continue to deliver.


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